ISE IB Psychology 2012

This website is designed around the IB Psychology Higher Level Syllabus. As students of this class you will find everything you need to know about the IB Psychology program. As a class you will create all the IB psychology curriculum notes in a variety of media forms needed to excel in this course. This wiki will evolve and develop your understanding, knowlwedge, application, analysis, evaluation, and creative skills over the course of two years. The student contribution will be expected to be at the highest levels for all assignments. In addition students will develop and answer IB type questions using the command terms as a guide. Each student(s) will be assigned a wiki page to design that must include multimedia (more than text) to represent the material. Students not developing a wiki page are expected to post relevant and thoughtful comments and questions.

Core-Biological level of analysis (Paper 1) Year 1

Core-Cognitive level of analysis (Paper 1) Year 1

Core-Sociocultural level of analysis (Paper 1) Year 1

Options: Human relationships (Paper 2) Year 2

Options: Abnormal psychology (Paper 2) Year 2

Qualitative research (Paper 3) Year 1 & 2
Internal assessment Year 2
Command Terms
Wiki page rubrics-content and comments