This is one of two options selected for higher level study. The learning outcomes are listed below.

  1. Evaluate psychological research ( through theories and studies) relevant to study of human relationships
  2. Discuss the interaction of biological, cognitive, and sociocultural factors in human relationships
  3. Distinguish between altruism and pro-social behavior
  4. Evaluate research investigating altruism
  5. Explain cross-cultural differnces in pro-social behavior
  6. Evaluate research investigating bystanderism
  7. Examine biological, psychological, and social origins of attraction
  8. Discuss the role of communication in maintaining relationships
  9. Explain the role that culture plays in the formation and maintenance of relationships
  10. Analyse why relationships may change or end
  11. Evaluate research on sociocultural origins of violence
  12. Discuss psychological research on the reduction of violence
  13. Explain short-term and long-term effects that violence can have on individuals

In-depth study of the following topics are linked below
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Human relationships-violence